Losing AgirLosing Agir

Based on a true events following the destruction of a mountain village in Turkey, Agir, a 16 year old Kurd, is smuggled into the UK. There, he meets Alice, a 15 year old in care. As their friendship develops and Agir’s terrible story unfolds,  Alice must find a way to free Agir from the clutches of a child smuggling operation.

Available to buy from December 2012.

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The Silk Slaves of Bangalore

Hope Parker, an A level drop out, lands a job as trainee silk buyer with the London-based, gloriously self-important, Bennington-Smythe Silk Corporation. But once she is sent out to India to meet a new silk supplier, she is horrified to discover, by chance, just how the profits are actually made. From the sumptuous lives of the Bennington-Smythe family to the slums of Bangalore, Hope Parker is faced with a dilemma. Can she protect the business from a scandal and also keep the job that she so desperately needs whilst saving the silk children from their dangerous and illegal work?

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Deeply embarrassed by her aging, eccentric mother, fifteen year old Melody is desperate for a mum who is young, cool and everything her mother is not. Yet when she suddenly learns that she was adopted as a baby, Melody takes up the chance to meet her birth mother and before she realises it, she is thrown into a world that she barely knew existed. From illegal dealing to settling gangland scores, Melody travels a dangerous path in her quest to find out who she actually is.