Trailblazer – a short play. Shortlisted by the Drama Association of Wales One Act Playwriting Competition 2012. Longlisted by Scriptspace 2012. Produced by Frequency Theatre ( July 2013.

Blaze, a 15 year old in care, has cancer. Not used to sharing her hospital ward, she is not happy when 15 year old Peter, due to bed shortages elsewhere and on an emergency basis, is bought into her room overnight. During the course of the following day their stories unfold. As Blaze faces her own illness, the failing drugs trial and her desperation to see her younger sister, living in foster care, miles away, she challenges Peter to accept his condition too.  This is the story of two young people from different backgrounds and with very different illnesses whom ultimately help each other in a way neither would have imagined possible.

The Captive Birds

Four siblings struggle to come to terms with a very difficult request. Based in a family meeting room at a Secure Training Centre, Caitlin (16), Abi and Carlisle (15 year old twins) await the arrival of their youngest brother Sid (13) who is serving a sentence for criminal damage. With the help of a newly qualified social worker, the siblings must decide whether to visit their estranged mother inprisoned for murdering their father. As the individual perceptions of the terrible day are re-enacted by the siblings, the group must decide whether confronting their mother will help free the thoughts, feelings and memories which fly around their heads like captive birds.

Best Interests

14 year old twins Jess and Gracie have been brought up by their mother, Mercy Best, since their father abandoned them as babies. Teetering on the edge of care due to problems associated with Mercy’s bipolar disorder, Nan, their father’s mother, has been a huge support to the family. However, as Nan dies and their father David, returns, everything changes. As David, now extremely wealthy, attempts to get to know the girls, he decides it is in the girls interests for them to return to America to live with him. Based in the court waiting room immediately before the hearing, David and Mercy confront the past and their different views on what is best for the girls. In a world where legal aid cuts mean Mercy, with financial problems represents herself against David’s expensive legal team, the play deals with inequalities, with the effects of public spending cuts, the voice of the child in proceedings and the difficult balance of establishing what exactly is in a child’s ‘best interests.’

Simeon. Highly Commended in ‘A Play for the Nation’s Youth,’ by Salisbury Playhouse, Nick Hern Books and BBC Writersroom

Gerrard is one of many pupils from a Pupil Referral Unit visiting their local independent school for a workshop on law and human rights. As the pupils from the PRU settle in to a very different environment to their own, the pupils from the independent school arrive. As introductions follow, Gerrard, a school drop out held back a year, recognises another boy, Hugo and the events around the tragic death of Simeon finally come out. This is a story of boarding school, bullying and coming to terms with loss.