‘The super intense parts are spaced out with Alice’s story. Alice’s life is far from a walk in the park. I was so afraid for her on many occasions. I was intrigued about what happened to her family (a clever plot twist). She really needed to be loved and feel secure – she did eventually get this in a scene which had me crying. ………..This 10/10 read is a good example how you can’t really judge someone on how they appear, and trusting your instinct is important.’    For full review on Nayu’s Reading Corner, click here

‘How I wish this easy read, provocative book had been available when I was still teaching disaffected vulnerable adolescents. The quick moving action, the vivid descriptions, the general apathy of the establishment and the simple explanation of the legal framework would have been a fantastic catalyst for discussion and debate not only about these issues but also about relationships, emotions, effects of trauma and impulsive risky behaviours.’ Bill M. Amazon   For complete review plus all reviews on Amazon, click here

‘This novel is fascinating and could become an integral and important part of essential reading for students. Losing Agir deals with complex and serious human rights issues in a manageable and digestible way using strong, believable characters and a fast paced, thrilling plot. Despite the depth of the subject area covered at no point does the novel feel too complex or get bogged down in theory, which makes it a great read for young adults as well as older readers. Review by Book Angel Booktopia. For full review click here

‘Incredibly pacey and exciting. I read it in one sitting and thought the voice of Alice was utterly convincing and the whole thing terrifying and gripping. It is obvious you know what you’re talking about and write very clearly and well.’  George Courtauld, Author.

‘an exciting and touching story, with a real sense of place and authenticity. Elizabeth Laird, Author of over 20 children’s books.

‘The biggest piece of oft quoted writing advice is ‘write about what you know’ and Fisher-Frank certainly does this, giving the novel a gritty realism…….Where Fisher-Frank scores highly is in the novel’s plotting; Losing Agir races along with plenty of incident and gives us a grim and gritty tale straight from the newspapers that has the ring of authenticity throughout. This is no fairytale but a story of two highly disadvantaged children struggling to survive within the bureaucracy of a huge machine that, while well meaning, is open to abuse and corruption.’ Review by The Blog of Delights. For full review click here