What’s going on

Well lots really.

Film script is the big one this week. I had a brilliant day on Sunday when I attended a workshop at the Writers Centre in Norwich. Run by Christabelle Dilks and Michael Lengsfield of UEA – ┬áboth of whom so totally knew everything about everything – and funded by Creative England and Write2screen, the workshop was the result of a competition set up to help writers develop film scripts. I now need, with the 11 others shortlisted, to go away and write my first 30 pages of my film. Out of my depth? Yes, totally. But going for it anyway? Absolutely.

Otherwise, I’m about three quarters of the way through book 4 which is based on my play, ‘Best Interests’ (twins in the middle of a court case concerning with which parent they should live ie move to America to live with Father or stay in the UK with Mother). I’m undecided at the moment what to call it. It may be ‘Mercy’ which is the name of the twins mother. Mercy one of my favourite characters in all my writing. Life is not easy for her but she’s resilient and loves her kids.

I’m also thinking about future projects. There’s been lots in the press recently about young people in care. Also young victims giving evidence in court and some of the issues around that. I’ve got an idea for, what I thought would be, a TV drama about young witnesses. But now, after all the info gleaned from the Film Workshop, maybe its better to think big by thinking big screen.

Right, with all that, I’d better get writing.

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